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Hi, my name is Henry.

I do DevOps for Clarity SSI, maintain a Tech Enthusiast Scholarship, created New Haven Relief Resources, and build micro communities with Rad Shit Project.

My friends help me run NewHaven.IO, coach New Haven Nerd League, and build web projects.

I made an eLearning course called Intro to Server Administration,and love to help people learn.

Please hit me up if you want to collab on something!

Here's a selection of my writing:

IPFS-The Decentralized Web Is Finally Here
Category: Decentralized Web, IPFS || Date: January 27th, 2021

It's the spring of 2011. I've already been accepted to college. Senioritis is setting in and 3OH!3 is blaring on my headphones as I sit at my desk at 2 AM on a school night... Homework long since done, I'm staring at the screen of the heavily used 17" Gateway laptop I managed to…

Learning DevOps In Public (Day 3) - Fun With Flags
Category: DevOps || Date: July 4th, 2019

First off, some housekeeping. I can already tell that coming up with a daily post is going to be harder than my buddy Alex had with his SVG work. He had one animation to complete every day. I'm spending all month working towards one larger goal. However, I'll do my best to share…

And here are some things I've built:

New Haven Relief Resources (2020) - Built a web app to crowdsource and relay information regarding available aid in New Haven during the COVID-19 pandemic (including food banks, health/family resources, and business help). Includes a sister repository to help others set up a no-code version for their own city using only free resources.

JavaScript, React, GatsbyJS, AirTable, Netlify.

[ Website ]

SLAter (2018) - Programmed a Raspberry Pi to monitor my DeskPro queue and alert me via external speakers when I have a new ticket assigned to me. This workflow was also used to remind a coworker to drink water and cure his gout.

JavaScript, Node, MySQL, Raspberry Pi.

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