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Henry Quinn IV

Web & Infrastructure Developer

/ GitHub: Quinncuatro / LinkedIn: HenryQuinnIV

Work Experience:

United States District Court, District of Connecticut

March 2017 - Present

- Developing web based software solutions to common problems in jury processes.
- Transitioning in-house applications to container based architectures with Docker for easier deployment.
- Communicating with other programmers in the judiciary about emerging technologies, containerizing applications, and how to modernize development practices across the organization.
- Created a Meteor based digital signage system for the 2017 National High School Mock Trial Championship, held partially in our Hartford courtrooms.
- Experimenting with different web technologies to better solve future problems with the correct tools.
- Backup technical lead for our district’s early adopter NextGen implementation.
- Crafting complex, multi table queries to help DQA’s solve docketing errors.
- Maintaining and updating internal and public websites as Co-Chair of the Website Committee.

Developer in Residence

June 2017 - April 2018

- Developed an eLearning course titled "Intro to Server Administration" that was distributed across multiple channels. (Udemy || Packt || Safari)
- Kept an eye on the tech horizon to help steer future course development efforts towards the latest and greatest web tech.
- Instructed and mentored students in the Framework Web Development Bootcamp, both in-person and online.
- Turned questions on all parts of the LAMP stack into teachable "A-ha!" moments.
- Presented technology demos in different forums:
-- "Intro to DevOps" and "Relational Database" presentations for weekly HackNight meetups.
-- "Intro to DevOps" workshop about setting up a Docker environment to host custom built containers for Google Developer Groups' DevFest New Haven 2017.

United States District Court, District of Connecticut
Programmer / Analyst

May 2015 - March 2017

- Created full stack LAMP and Ruby on Rails web applications to automate workflows.
- Presented web applications at the 2016 District Operational Practices Forum and a Developer Forum hosted by Collaborative Applications Development in January of 2017.
- Helped manage Red Hat servers running IBM Informix and US District Court CM/ECF instances and prepare for our district's early adopter NextGen upgrade.
- Crafted complex, multi table queries to create reports for Magistrate and District Judges.
- Maintained and updated internal and public websites to support Clerk's Office staff.

Independent Software's A100 Program
Apprentice / Scrum Master

Summer 2016

- Built a software application in Meteor's full-stack JavaScript platform in an Agile team, completed and deployed a working software application for a local startup venture, Thrivio.
- Acted as Scrum Master for a team of five developers for two separate four week sprints.
- Supplemented development work (which spanned the software development lifecycle) with targeted training in Agile process, full-stack programming, UI/UX, technical communication, and DevOps.

Champlain College Support Services
Event Support Lead Technician

September 2011 - May 2015

- Supported all events around campus dealing with audio and visual technology.
- Trained new employees on policies and operating procedures.
- Acted as a backup resource for newer techs.

Middlesex County Camp
Assistant Director of Staff and CIT's

Summer 2010 - Summer 2014

- Organized and led a preparation program for counselors in training to become future staff.
- Mentored younger staff members and helped uphold camp policy.
- Ran activity areas including our archery range, ropes elements, and wilderness survival courses.


Digital Signage - I built a digital signage system to let competitors in the 2017 National High School Mock Trials Championship know their various courtroom assignments that auto updated across all loaded instances when new rounds were posted.

[ GitHub] JavaScript / Meteor / MongoDB

US Webtranet - I built a proof of concept for a containerized intranet framework for federal agencies. I presented this and demoed Docker in a nationwide conference call to other judiciary developers in January of 2017.

[ GitHub] [ Docker Hub] [ Live Demo] Ruby / Rails / PostgreSQL / Docker

Fantasy Draft Challenge - built a fantasy football draft challenge timer to help my league set a draft order based on a timed hot wing challenge. This was something quick that I put together to give the game some structure, but it was a fun build.

[ GitHub] [ Live Demo] JavaScript, jQuery, FlipClock


Champlain College*
Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking and Information Security
Specialization in Cyber Security
Champlain College Cycling Club, President
Champlain College Rock Climbing Club, Member

May 2015

National Presentations:

Case Management Dashboard
U.S. District Courts, District Operational Practices Forum - Minneapolis, MN

May 2018

Intro to DevOps Workshop (With Docker)
Google Developers Group DevFest New Haven 2017

November 2017

Us Webtranet: Containerized Intranet Framework
U.S. District Courts, Collaborative Applications Development (CAD) Developer's Forum - WebEx

January 2017

Human Resources Organizer (HRO) - Access Management
U.S. District Courts, District Operational Practices Forum - Orlando, FL

September 2016

* Champlain College is Designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security

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