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Henry Quinn IV

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Work Experience:

Clarity Software Solutions
DevOps Engineer

May 2019 - Present

- Automating various deployment processes through the use of Docker containers and Bash scripts. This includes scripting a lot of git commands to prepare our daily build packages for production. - Building custom tools with Bash and GoLang to automate daily build audit processes, saving approximately one man-hour per day. This mostly includes creating custom custom Go scripts that automatically look through various types of files for commonly made errors and reports the findings to our change control team. - Completing code, shell script, and SQL migrations to our test and QA environments as needed throughout the day. (Non-Profit)
Member Board of Directors

November 2018 - Present

- Organizing events around the city for our members to network and learn new technology skills. - Partnering with other technology and non-profit focused organizations to help connect and align groups and individuals. - Creating a stronger tech and startup minded community by fostering a culture of creation and experimentation.

Administrative Office (AO) of the United States Courts
Software Developer - Temporary Duty Assignment

August 2019 - April 2019

- Transitioned the Judicial Dashboard to work on an on-premise OpenShift/GlusterFS solution, cutting the deployment time down by 99.17%. This involved converting a single server buildout to a Docker solution to allow multiple developers to work concurrently on their local machines followed by another conversion to Kubernetes to facilitate an efficient rollout to 34 courts in the next six months. - Created, maintained, and provided enhancements to the codebase for a web application that automates the daily "getting up to speed" work for District Judges across the country, saving roughly an hour’s worth of time per judge every morning. - Collaborated with a remote team of engineers in D.C. to test the scalability of OpenShift for use by other judiciary development teams. This platform is now in the process of being elevated to being a national resource. - Communicated with the national IT Security Office to scan images and engineer solutions to remediate findings. held partially in the Hartford courtrooms. - Interfaced with District Judges and users in the pilot courts testing the Judicial Dashboard to better understand user needs. - Coordinated with cross-functional stakeholders in the AO to align all teams in a common strategic direction.

United States District Court, District of Connecticut

March 2017 - April 2019

- Transitioned in-house legacy applications to container based architectures with Docker for easier development and deployment. The ability to develop more quickly lead to a partnership with the Case Management Solutions Office in D.C., the hiring of part time developers, and a speedier rollout of the Judicial Dashboard product. - Experimented with modern web technologies like Vue.js, Node, and Webpack to lay the groundwork of modernizing the tech stack of the Judicial Dashboard project in order to better source talent for a nationwide rollout. - Communicated with developers across the judiciary about emerging technologies that could overhaul the core applications used by districts across the country. That combined advocacy led to a container focused overhaul of the organization's core product offerings and a judiciary-wide OpenShift hosting environment that the District of Connecticut is currently piloting. - Implemented an iPad fleet and MachForm solution to shorten the process of gathering information from potential jurors, normalizing the data, and getting it into the hands of attorneys in high profile cases, by 92.5%. - Developed a touchscreen jury sign in kiosk to undercut the cost of Xerox’s proposed product, to be used in courthouses nationwide, by ~85%. - Coordinated with the district's Security Officer to keep various web servers patched and secure.

United States District Court, District of Connecticut
Programmer / Analyst

May 2015 - March 2017

- Created full stack LAMP and Ruby on Rails web applications to automate workflows for HR and Operations. Communications involved in on and off boarding employees was cut by over 40% due to streamlining the process by which system access privileges are requisitioned and assigned. - Managed Red Hat servers running IBM Informix and US District Court CM/ECF (our docketing application) instances and prepared for our district's early adopter NextGen CM/ECF upgrade. - Crafted complex, multi table queries to generate reports that allowed Magistrate and District Judges on the CM/ECF Committee to decide which nature of suit case types needed to be optimized to abide by the Speedy Trial Clause.


DEVC Webpack (2018) - Experimenting folding Vue.js, Node, and WebPack into a containerized Lucee (open source ColdFusion) and MySQL environment that’s used in the judiciary. The end goal is to spur a modernization effort of our tech stacks across the country.

Vue.js, ColdFusion, Shell, JavaScript, Docker, Node, Webpack, MySQL.

[ GitHub ]

SLAter (2018) - Programmed a Raspberry Pi to monitor my DeskPro queue and alert me via external speakers when I have a new ticket assigned to me. This workflow was also used to remind a coworker to drink water and cure his gout.

JavaScript, Node, MySQL, Raspberry Pi.

[ GitHub ]

US Webtranet (2017) - Built a containerized intranet framework for federal agencies. It was presented and used as a Docker technical demo in a nationwide video conference call to other judiciary developers in January of 2017.

Ruby, Rails, SQLite, Draft U.S. Web Design Standards, Docker.

[ GitHub ]

Digital Signage (2017) - Developed a responsive digital signage system to let competitors in the 2017 National High School Mock Trials Championship know their various courtroom assignments across the Hartford courthouse when new rounds were posted.

JavaScript, Meteor, MongoDB.

[ GitHub ]


Champlain College*

May 2015

Bachelor of Science in Computer Networking and Information Security
Specialization in Cyber Security
Champlain College Cycling Club, President
Champlain College Rock Climbing Club, Member

* Champlain College is Designated a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security

National Presentations:

Leading a Digital Transformation at the Speed of Government
Google Developers Group DevFest - New Haven, CT

September, 2019

Leading a Digital Transformation at the Speed of Government
DevOpsDays Hartford - Hartford, CT

October 2019

Judicial Dashboard - Dashboard View of Court Operations
U.S. District Courts, IT Conference West - Phoenix, AZ

August 2018

Judicial Dashboard - Dashboard View of Court Operations
U.S. District Courts, District Operational Practices Forum - Minneapolis, MN

May 2018

Intro to DevOps Workshop
Google Developers Group DevFest - New Haven, CT

November 2017

US Webtranet
U.S. District Courts, Collaborative Applications Development (CAD) Developer’s Forum - Webex

January 2017

Human Resources Organizer (HRO)
U.S. District Courts, District Operational Practices Forum - Orlando, FL

September 2016

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