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Digital Garden: Tilling the Soil

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So I've been wanting to start a digital garden for a while.

I've read articles from Swyx, Maggie Appleton, Amy Hoy, Joel Hooks, Tom Critchlow, Anne-Laure Le Cunff, and several others about how they've set up their digital gardens and how the easily accessible short-form notes are helpful in their everyday lives. Suffice to say, I've been sold on the idea for a while.

However, it took seeing Kyle Shook's new digital garden the other day for me to finally take some action on it.

So, I finally started my own. This going to be a place somewhere between a notebook and blog where I can flesh out ideas in public. Some might turn into blog posts in the future, but most probably won't.

In any case, I'm sure having a public place I can point to some note or other will be helpful to both myself and any others I might help with learning a concept I've already wrestled with.

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